Half century of Jos

Playing with the band in the House of Jos (in the center) in Kortrejk

I again realized, that Belgium can surprise you, it`s how many nice and unusual people you can meet at once.

And finding so much in common with the upcoming 'new love generation`

Not without help of Leela, Amy, Professor Farnsworth, Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Bender, and Hermes .

The artist and his monumental work `Destruction As a Form Of Creation`

We were singing for hours and them I played the very fast version of `Music was my first love`(definitely under the influence of alcohol and very relaxed version of `Brugge`and before I collapse from too much `Calv ados` I find this touching message on a bad from some of the young folks,who Had to sleep in garage instead- MISTER KREL WE WISH YOU A GOOD NIGHT REST IN OUR BED SLEEP TIGHT


Jonas said...

The party rocked! And the wine was great!

Jos Teuwen said...

Dear Kirill,

I'm still enjoying a lot of pleasant thoughts of my beautifull birthdayevening. You were really terrific on playing the piano and everyone was delighted. I have some more information for you. The band with which you played is called 'Salty Dog', and my son Dries layed a message on your bed with a title dear KRIEL? and that's just funny, isn't Kirill?
I thank you thousand times for the beautifull evening you gave us and the reactions were in superlatifs:
One said: "Redelijk wakker gekomen na het fantastische 12 uren feest wil ik jullie nog eens hartelijk proficiat wensen met dit mooie feest.. en vooral de rode draad met jullie vriend "Krill Pokrovsky" (een zeeeer bijzonder mens) in combinatie met iedereen... enig"
or another one says:"De pianist was magnifiek, het publiek subliem, de spijzen hemels maar den drank benevelend vandaar mijn vroegtijdig verdwijnen"

Hope we'll see you soon in Merelbeke!

Jos & Dominique

Anonymous said...

it was real fun!

Anonymous said...

it was really fun