Real model

With Belgian fashion ,hitting the High Streets of world capitals
not every evening you can be lucky to spend the quality time with a real model .

She is breaking all the clich├ęs -sophisticated multi educated and friendly.

We discussed our books "Inspiration for Mr. Precedent" and "How to keep magic flow"

This are some of my "family" from France:) and "Strange I`ve seen this face before" on background.He also looks like a model, don`t you think?

And if you want to feel a little bit "exclusive" in otherwise very "democratic " Ghent - wist the

"Pakhuis", just behind the MD in the center or the city http://www.pakhuis.be/ decorated in "art deco "railway station" style


lynn said...

How obvious that you recently only put so-called 'famous' and/or 'important' people on your blog. It's called 'image-building'! ;-)

Do you know the song 'The Great Pretender'?


Kirill Pokrovsky said...

I completely disagree.The people here are mostly just my friends (including you :)Yesterday I met the Burgemeester- Major of Ghent -Frank Beke , but resisted the temptation to publish the photo :)