Long life ARIA

Russian mega band ARIA (where Kirill started his carrier) brought out a new album and going to tour with this new songs. Sorry folks, they sing exclusively in Russian, but some foreigners even like it, never the less, recording few English versions would open the way to international rock-festivals worldwide.Band is professional and experienced enough.
New singer A.Bercut replaced
V.Kipelov (on a picture with Kirill(on a right), during his last appearance with Aria in moscow 2004)

and sings quite in style of the band.

Music is - 100 % ARIA, the lyrics are sharp and Epic and not without joy Kirill heard some keyboards parts:) "Wish I would play it:) "-was his remark. -"And this time I really like the cover"
Long life ARIA!!!!



DK said...

Although it's in Russian, it's a great rock album with memorable moments galore. I'm in love with the production (i.e. jealous, wish Belgian studios could pull that off).

Anonymous said...

this is great to hear, do they only tour in russia or also in europe?