Zoom out, Dorothy.From Ghent to Milky Way

Universe, give me all your juice.

Space is big ,mostly empty, cold and a lonely place.(Zeul)

Her Majesty Milky WAY

Milky way lost among other galaxies

How you , little mortal carbon unit on a dusty corner of Gods attic can feel important enough'

Even little monkey germ ,or even chicken germ may wipe you out, not to mention medium sized comet ;)

It happened before to this guys, so what the heck this "Intellegent Desighn" thing about?


Anonymous said...

I'm just dropping by to tell you that I love your music :) I find it a great inspiration when my creativity wells run a little dry. The sound leads to a place, the place to a people, and from the people to a story. It's amazing how music can carry your mind to places beyond the reach of the universe. Can't wait to see what you guys at Larian are cooking up for us :)


Kris said...

It's actually not sure a comet caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
Chances are high that the extinction was caused by a super volcano. Probably the super volcano of Yellowstone.