friends friends Max Mahonin

Maxim Mahonin is a core of fast growing "MaxMahoninMuliMedia" "4M4U"

company in Moscow responsible for many presentations, documentaries, short films, "life feeds", music clips and sound recordings.There clients vary from private to government structures.

He is also an excellent reportage cameraman, who can hold the focus for a long time (look at his strong hands)

He is famous for his "one camera non-stop shots" as long as 5 hours.(in style of Sokurov's "Russian Ark" filmed in Hermitage of St. Petersburg in"one take"(check the film out-it's available worldwide with subtitles - absolute delight! )

He himself was filming entire concerts of "Master" in Moscow and "Kiev" as well as "behind the scenes" moments on tour.that must appear at long awaited "MASTER XX" DVD

His real passion is underwater shots, for which he is travelling around the globe and spending

days underwater(with an aqualung) and sometimes literately risking his life for an exiting capture view of magnificently exotic but often dangerous undersea inhabitants.

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