To my friend and his beautifull wife,from here to eternity...

The quest for happiness keeps us occupied; we all want it, we know that it will fulfill us, and we know that we need to do something in order to get it. However, we will have a hard time finding a structured approach to reach this happiness for "...ever after," which is a very carefully chosen expression and gives us a sensation of eternity, as opposed to something that stops at the end of our physical lives. Koen , my fellow wizard just got married.I played some piano....

So, how do we rise above our situation that is limited by our genetics, the society we live in, and the esoteric pleasures that are offered to us? We may reach a certain level of happiness for a limited time, but is there a way to reach the "ever after" of happiness?

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah can give us an interesting perspective on this classic phrase. The fact is that on an individual level we will not find an answer on how to reach this everlasting feeling of happiness since our happiness depends on that of others.
"Unity of the society is the source of happiness and well being, whereas separation between people is the source of all miseries. All fortunes and well being depend only on the drawing together and unification of the global community."

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