Among us, Tobins

Dear Amon Tobin.

Extendedly few tracks of yours slipped in a scratchy project file of one of my ambient tracks, `that wasnt even meant to be released in this form`,= probably because I happen to listen to your album this day.=specifically this anonymous clarinet sample, that we all use in our lonely ``masturbatory`` creations in the absence of real musicians>>>Fortunately you have the devoted fans.

They immediately recognized this tragic error and rapported to Administration direcly.I am a bit jealous, because when somebody steals entire tracks of mine, I don't really mind.

They know your music note by note.

Even though samplers they are.

Fortunately I play keyboards, a bit of guitar. flute , saxafone , oboe and yes, I sing too..I deeply respect your sampling creativity and financial success and the fact, that someone still listens to radio Ga Ga, Hope you don`t mind my temporary madness and, thanks to my comrades = your devoted fans, we can avoid any difficulties between You, Me, Creative Commons, Anonymous Clarinetist and The Holy Inqisition...

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