"Interbellum Project" and "Need for Speed -Shift"

"Interbellum Project" and "Need for Speed -Shift" If you into racing games (as I am lately, because I have no "real" car at the moment :)
Why, oh why the Russian driver license is not accepted in Belgium? (well all of us know the answer :). and there are some another concerns, of course. Public transportation and the bicycle , that is, what we are trying to promote.
EA Games Developer published" Slightly Mad Studios" marvel "Need for speed - Shift " -
Take a look .
What is especially interesting about this clip, that "soundtrack " for it is written by my young Russian friend Valera Potchekalov (Coloboque)
- Leader of the Ghent - based band "Interbellum" .You can find a complete song here - http://www.myspace.com/interbellum The song has a title - "E 19".

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