become a morning person

This is biggest Global conspiracy, but not even invention of electric light can prevent humans to torture themselves by waking up at the morning to" be somewhere" and preform meaningless rituals called "working";)To be paid by "colored paper" or abstract numbers in form of "bank transfer". Them they pay place they call "home" -mostly for show, cars, mostly for show and another meaningless material objects.The funny thing is that getting credits to get all this becomes so easy ,that nobody really get impressed anymore This collective madness create feeling of guilt among thous, who prefer to live from dope,drink ,steal, and use drugs.;) So to blend well ,mage have to learn one important skill - wake up in a morning and join collective suffering. They ask you to "work" 8 hours ,plus get there (oh this traffic,risking your life)They have Saturday for shopping and Sunday to clean your belongings Bosses suffer as much as workers, becouse more you have - more"pain in ass" i t becomes. Rising children becomes an only excuse for otherwise egoistic existence, but planet getting overcrowded:) On a holiday they get bored because they just can't "do nothing" Love them. Heal them and please become a "morning person" an join "8 hours club".It is not too hard. This is not an "anarchist manifesto"We just get pissed when they start to enjoy killing each other for power. World is very beutifull.Enjoy.

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