from berius.-" name of the rose"

Kirill, you have enormous stream of cosmic energy, we all don't know where it's coming from.The only person,it seams ,who cant control it is you.and you suffer from it because sometimes you just feel it as a tension or anxiety.you also confused with your sexuality because this form of energy is also the channel ,that force trying to find passing your body to help you to deal with this amount of electromagnetism, to relax you and prevent emotional "explosions"Your fascination with "dark corners of human mind" and Internet curiosity is reflection of your general fear of humanity -how far they can go;)mine one thing-people who are really dangerous do not now what Internet is about:) (whatever job seaking FBI officers will tell you).real evil is performed in state of"obsession" when person with low developed brain doesn't know what he or she is doing.If we come in time we just "sedate" them. MOST OF THE PEOPLE EXCEPT SOME"ACTIVISTS" CAN UNDERSTAND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "TWISTED" FANTASY AND REAL ACTION.trust me on this one Ive heard a Lot's of confessions.SCARY stuff. -what people fantasise while they jerking off:)

the "terrible" pictures and stories circulating via networks -the same trend like "zombie" movies in the past.world is not going to collapse from that;)don't worry for girls-they are stronger, but teach young man to survive under the New Order.

We going to investigate it tonight.

very easy influenced
by media for instance
by opinion of others
east bow in front of "practical magic" masters
envy the skills of others
do not take yourself a the centre of your universe
on other hand do not underestimate the powers of other mages on there field
you can't have it all.you figure out what is your best skill and work on it until become fingers to bleed.
don't try to learn all magic skills you will be confused lost and crashed
world can be cruel-people can be very selfish and greedy don''t try to be loved by everybody. some will see you as a concurrent, some as an extra blood to suck,some will simply dislike you because you are different.
honesty is a luxury that can cost you isolation and even death, it is sweet luxury.expat challenge as a game -you are not good in it;;) afraid to loose little boy? Play more.
you learn from your victories less than from defeats.
Don't blame anybody you are NOT a VICTIM here.neither others.
You are not a god ,but sometimes he is beside you.God, holly books,religions and a Churches are different things. do not mix it speak direct if you can.

sometimes you have to protect your territory, your property, your people and yourself - so is life among the humans.Life in fear is not life.
when you will be ready we will find you.
and, yes, become a morning person-we will also send you a young monk or a few to help you to go through routine.behave with them right, you know what we mean:), but do not spoil them.PC

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