I kissed an alien and I liked it

Earth sunset over Europe and North Africa, as u see -no borders:)

Yes Zeuls kind has no sexual differentiation and I just kissed him (and he is very cuddly, but then again ,I was drunk) when he invited me to his interdimentional ship, and don't even ask me the stuff I have seen...My life will be never the same again.
I feel so abused by myself.
I feel sorry for all human kind.We are all just a bunch of idiots, we even don't know how to use our own brain and playing around with forces of nature without slightest understanding of what our own brain and body capable off.

At least Kate Perry had it with another girl..and she liked it, but be fare - Russions were first in Space and "Tatu" also
explored this ground the first.
Song is so gluish, I can't stop singing in a shower "I kissed the guy and he bit me,and stol my stereo ,gsm and the laptop".Boys don't try it unless you are drunk :)

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