What if Rock star was one of us

I choose this song becouse it stands right after "Looing my erect... religeon" -sang by Georgian monks :)
Here comes my point..
I want to encourage you, all of you.
You can have a very little knowlege of music, or not it all;
It is nice if your guitar tuned a bit, it's not a problem if your voice is not enough high to hit the refrein.
And it's doesn't matter if someone told -"YOU SUCK!!!!"
When you are performing you don't "suck", actually you f**k" all of them, who has no gutts to even try.
My friend - young British lad called Francis recorded this on a sellphone (!) .Sound...grrr, but watch the drive...It coulbe be playd by a band.

Netherlans.This Dude dind't become a star, but what an nice color of voice !!!
Instead he is cool video artist now ( no, not a porn actor:), i mean "video artist " -"we have to meet some day" is his work. (below)
girls send me some, I will try to match you -his girl sadly just left him - he didn't want to share her "material" dreams she wanted to prove to...her sister, mother and other people,who she doesn't like, that she made a right move,but - suppose he has another channels to express himself. He is all grown up now, this video made a bit earlier.

Notice how mutch you can do with just a few chords on a cheep guitar

And finally divine original from Joan Osborne.From her ouw words she had to "suck" a lot ,before she woke up to stardom.(Producers c**k,? hope not, - it was record industry finest moments, we payd 20 bucks for a CD -now it is all gone .
"The Internet copyright liberation",- must be sad for some horny "old farts"
"Girl if you listen to me' I will make you a star on MTV ";)

So grab a cheap keybord or a guitar, I will start online lessons.Pay me with your love and respect.Dr.KeyReal

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