Hello.New face -same agenda.

Try to understand me right.
I love American people and admire the technological and cultural achievements of this grate nation.
In fact it's quite ironic, to criticize this country, using it's own creation -PC and Internet.
But why, all the world have to suffer from American latest trend to almost completely deregulate it's own and international Financial Markets?
Wall Street did it again and this time for good, according to most of experts this crisis is the worst in recorded history.
  indeed is the charismatic and well spoken man, especially compare to his "mumbling" predecessor, who was elected for a second term (amazing what you can sell to the ignorant people)
Let's not forget that EVERY ELECTED INDIVIDUAL IS JUST A PUBLIC FACE OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL FORCES ,WHO PUT HIM OR HER IN POWER IN A FIRST PLACE.If you have time to research list of contributors to his election
campaign ,you will be amazed.
And when you take a good look at his new appointed Economic Board, you will see exactly the same people, who prepared and pass trough Congress infamous "deregulation" papers in 1999 and therefor are directly responsible for this banking downfall ,for which you and me and all the world has to suffer.
Thank you very much, well done.
And because it's Global(wink, wink) there is no escape ,unless you prepared to emigrate to other planet.

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