Quick guide to EMO for concerned parents and educators.

Please don't worry, nothing new -weird mix of "punk", "new wave" and"Gothic" for first look, but we gonna investigate it further.Hope eyeliner-wearing  don't scare you either - you survived the 80s yourself!.Hair as rule is dived "Gothic-black", the long bangs is a must, but there are some exceptions.-

Probubly you hate the "emo" music or look ,but this is all the point - every new generation of teens try to "piss-off" the parents cloth and music- taste wise, as hard as they possibly can and You were no different.Quick guide to EMO(click to know more) (from "emotional") for concerned parents and educators.
How to spot if your beloved son or daughter turned this way?Check the MP3 player -
"My Chemical Romance"  can be among the "suspects".
This is "sad-funny"-

Russia Looking To Ban Goth And Emo Music And Websites

from the overreact-much? dept

The history of modern culture is littered with examples of older generations freaking out and having moral panics concerning the culture of younger generations. In the US, while much of the focus these days is on video games and social networks, in the past it's included certain types of music and comic books as being threats to children. Over in Russia, it appears that their latest moral panic is around goth and emo music. However, it's become so "bad" thatlaws may be passed to ban both types of music as well as regulate websites about the music (found via Digg). It includes all the typical "but think of the children" type quotes. The politician who introduced the legislation calls the music a "dangerous teen trend," a "social danger" and "a threat to national stability." 

If this sound ridiculous, don't laugh too hard, because politicians around the world have made similar claims about any variety of other pop culture trends they just didn't understand. But, at some point, you would think some of these politicians would look at history and get a sense of how ridiculous they're going to look a few years from now for blaming a particular pop culture phenomenon they don't understand for "a
threat to national stability."(!!!!!)wow!!!

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