Introducing Artem Troicki and his radio show.

Even during the "Soviet" era, way before the fall of" iron curtain" this man was publishing an articles in the youth magazines, that gave us a little glimpse on "Western"pop - music and names such as "Pink floyd ". Although his resent involvement in politics is questionable (we feel that, as a music journalist and a "world wide man", he shouldn't join an "opposition" movement against "bloody Putin's regime":)) , If you don't understand the Russian, you still will be able to enjoy the selection of the songs on his radio show, his" sense of cool", his instinctive rejection of everything
, that is even close to a "mainstream".
Unfortunately he never fancied " ARIA ", "MASTER" and "heavy metal" in general..What a shame:)
FM Dostoevski podcast on Finam FM radio (99.6 FM, Moscow, Russia)
Follow the white rabbit here: http://soundcloud.com/groups/fmd

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