Introdusing my dear friend Ian Marien and his band HEADPHONE

Ian Marien in on the right
Several years ago we worked together on some projects.He is amazing! Super accurate and definitely the classical workaholic.I strongly adwised him to go"pro",as a musician, using (and abusing ) all my power of persuasion out of love and respect to this young, handsome and talented man .
His band HEADPHONEY on the verge of gently but decidedly conquering the audience of the Cactusfestival. Debut single'Ghostwriter' did very well on Studio Brussels, Belgium's alternative radio station. Their debut album - full of addictive pop tunes - is destined to follow that path. The voice of Ian Marien has an affinity with Thom Yorke, but otherwise HEADPHONE has a sound of its own – alternating between lofi pop, menacing rock and subtle electronics.

Wanna find more about an amazing world of Belgian/Flemish alternative music scene?
follow the white rabbit to STUDUO BRUSSEL YT CHANNEL

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Anonymous said...

He is very cute, indeed.The song reminded me of "Radiohead" and "We are in the woods now" sounds just like a voice from "Donnie Darko"