Learn Mandarine (Chinese)

There were a times, when Greeks, then Romans and Ottoman Empire were the most important and mighty forces on the face of the Earth..Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch , French and others had there glories times.Although we are living undoubtedly in a period of economic, military and cultural domination of North America, it's definitely can be changed, as history shows.Suddenly ,after the WW2 Japan, them South Korea became a big players and now many eyes are turning East again ,as India (before slow down by centuries of set of believes ,"promoting" "acceptance versus progress", Russia ( just recovering from "Bolshevism" experiment andPresident Putin says he is correcting a period of 'cowboy capitalism' ) and the most definitely China (government of China attracts capital by providing relative stability.Paradoxically enough they build capitalist economy under leadership of "communist" party.)
It's plain simple and cruel -,as working hands and taxes becoming too high, corporations close their facilities in "expansive" countries and move the production to other "cheaper" regions.(as well as workers of "cheep"arias trying to cross the borders and reach the regions with higher pay checks).In "free" or "democratic " world there are hardly enough ways to find mechanism, regulating this "natural" process(.Yes ,you can buy DVD player for 30 euro, even with export tax and VAT, because of that.)
US Public schools are about to start a comprehensive Chinese language program.I read that already now 3,500 Chicago kids, from kindergartens to 12th graders, learn Mandarin.The days of everybody trying to be American are probably over.When you do business with or go to other countries, be prepared to work on their terms. Do you know who is Confucius? Do you want to travel and have an interesting job and finally be respected for your skills? So "Ne stoy kak pen' - skazi chego nibud'!" or "bòo yào jĕe jàn zài nà·lee, shwōr shyair hwà" ,that means -"Don't just stand there, say something!":)

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