Religion and sexuality.

Zeul said-"No ,neither me, neither Dr.Keyreal, neither Kirill Pokrovsky :)
don't belong to any movement, Church, sect, organization, party, or community of any kind yet, because we strongly believe that everyone is a Church on it's own."

And another thing;- stop to ask me questions about sexuality, definitely not on this part of the world, where sex is almost completely sublimated to total materialism, still somehow in collective subconscious memory is subject of Catholic guilt and complicated by frequent scandals."

If you still have any questions about the subject, - please take your time and watch as much as possible episodes of "South Park" and the movie, "you hypocrites" . This people (Mart Stone and Trey Parker) did a wonderful job, and humor is a best medicine for your "traumas".

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priest said...

Let's keep them separated.;)