Attention !some people can be offended! Bryan Adams and Brokeback Mountain

Bryan Adams and "Brokeback Mountain" .There is something about the song...that made me giggle every time I've heard it on radio. Common,..
"I wanna be your underwear..." With all this guitar riffs...
My dear gay friends, don't get angry! The joke is also, that Bryan has such a macho appearance.

"From your feet up to your hair - more than anything I swear
I wanna be - your underwear"

Say what?

The most homophobic people I met are so aggressive towards gays,
because they have to suppress
and scared of there own gay impulses, and it's easy to blame and channel frustrations to minorities .
Never the less no objections about kissing lesbians:) No logic what so ever.

I am cool about man,who like each other, or girls,who comfort each other at cold winter night or even people who feel sexual to plants and trees (chlorophilia)


or even those who get turned on by "things and objects" ("fetishism")
(yes, if it's not my personal belongings:)Bryan, don't tooch my underpants,I beg you!!!!


It's called "Private life" and not without a reason.

(Of course plants and objects must be of legal age -remember most of the small plants can't protect themselves, except the cactus. Check the law of your local community,before doing something funny with your fridge or insert foreign objects to your ear ,or another body cavity!!!)

So little Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Production exercise of my friend - "Brokeback Mountain with the song "I wanna be your underwear by Bryan Adams. I already said ,In my opinion, it's a very funny song and feats perfectly to otherwise controversial plot of the film.If you didn't see it http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0388795/ probably you will not get bitter humor of it.There should be "chicks "in there underwear running around, not two cowboys.;)

Brokeback Mountain I Wanna Be Your Underwear

Brokeback Mountain I Wanna Be Your Underwear

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tine said...

Gorgeous sense of humour Kirill! However, one -small- addition : not even cactus can protect itself against a certain group of people (another minority yes), called “the masochists” :-)
They shout “oohh” – the others shout “ouch”. Hmm, when you come to think of it, not really a big difference in fact, just another kind of scream ;-)