Night out in Ghent

Sorry guys and girls, I didn't answer my post, I took couple of days to get rest to my eyes (doctors orders :)
Tonight instead I went out, first to the place near "South",where two guys, teaches me to play "The Pool " - cool game, almost like the snooker, but tables are smaller and game goes faster.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pool_%28game%29 -

you find it in many places in Belgium with this small tables.Rules are simple here.

1 Make a triangle from all the balls (except white one ) - black one in a middle.(There is a special plastic ruler to make it easy)
2 Shoot with a white one .If you score with "full colored one" - you play those, if with "half colored" -you have to score with them.When you score -you shoot again.
3 If white one goes in the "bucket" by accident - your opponent can shoot twice in a row.
4 If black one goes down during the game by chance -you loose.
5 In end of the game you have to "bring home" the black one...
6You can place your hand anywhere on a table and even sit or lean on it , but keep one feet on the ground.
(I sucked, but will practice) ."Duvel" and "Palm" are very strong Belgian beers, so I got drunk
and ..or forgot to pay the round to my new friends ,or the barmen charged us twice.
"Rip the tourist !",I am not a tourist, I am "expat":)!!!!!

At10 o'clock I went to see the concert of "Humble Grumble" -band from Ghent, where singer and violin player is my good friend.

(she speaks perfect Russian and been in Moscow many times) -Franciska Roose.

Check them out ,if you into Frank Zappa or "Godley and Cream"- Cool, clever, bizarre and very well rephrased life extravaganza run by Hungarian ,living in Ghent for 16 years (speaks good Flemish , unlike me.Shame, shame, shame...)-Humble Gabor . From tomorrow they are on tour to Hungary, if you are there by chance, don't miss it!

http://www.myspace.com/humblegrumble -
songs are there
info -


I was happening in Charlatan (Vlasmarkt 6), known for it's music diversity - definitely place to be, (run by two brothers) - a bit of everything to everybody.

The entrance fee only 5 euro - worth every penny.

Drunk and happy to make some new friends I crashed in my small (very small:) :(, my "embassy in Ghent") -place (I still keep it, a bit renovated, but still to small to give a party ;( -

Tomorrow back to Brussels - "UNESCO" and recording studio.
Very early :(

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