Emile ,"Regi" & Bart Peeters , Gogol Bordrllo an Verka Serduchka.

Do you know this young charming man?

His name is Emile and he performed AT lARIAN studios title track for "Divinity" and violin parts, when he was much younger. I personally took care of his switch from classics, jazz to folk;)

Look at him now - a real "star," I have a video of concert -"super" -enjoyed every minute of it.Bart hired very young energetic guys to his band , and chemistry is working miracles. I recommend you to get DVD instead of CD -you will see - Emil even has a solo -dance number:) wait a second - clip will the song "AAA Anthem "will come ;- .

And Bart became my personal hero, becouce of his exentrisity.
and the official website http://www.bartpeeters.net/

Ok, they a bit like Gogol Bordello, guys from formal Soviet Union in LA (USA°, but not quite so extreme;-

...Even Madonna....with "Gogol Bordello", "un -freaking -believable". - but you can skip her global speech in beginning:)

An this is our own Russian (Ukrainian) king of pop-folk exploaration, yes , don't be shocked - Verka Serduchka is a man!!!!

want tose more of this fun just serch u tube for VERKA SERDUCHKA

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