Wonder what is in common between this five guys,dressed in the painfully recognizable red shirts with the CCCP logo?
This is not happening on the territory of Russian Federation for starters.Nobody will do it here, even out of the nostalgia.
Who are this people?
The first from the right maybe known from his "Romin Stone" exstravaganza, that can be find on the Internet and yes, on the audio cassettes (if anyone still remember).
This is Roman Kim.If he keeps his promises and will release more of his "strangely melancholic" and sounding "out of any time frame or style" recognition , but musically interesting songs, we will come back to him later with a special interview.
Young fellow next to him is Timi - TIMUR SHANGAREEV-straightforward optimist and quite an attraction for the female crowd (If you don't buy it?- check record of his girl friends on "odnokashniki" )He is potentially a front man, just more songs should come out of his testosterone-driven brain.

Most remarkable, (from "ethnographical" point of view is a man on a front,not only he is undebatable leader, who ,by the way came out with the name "Interbellum" (for "dummies" - meaning of the world is - "peaceful rest between the wars".)Most "pragmatic" of all members VALERIY POTCHEKAILOV gives impression of a very "down to earth" person, who hiding behind Cynicism , but sensual lyrics of his songs in Russian, 
Flemish or English , just show opposite.
He is also  honest and reliable.
 The biggest fear is, that he us committed to  many things, so making a choice to
concentrate on music only will be a hard one.

The next (from the left) is "mysterious"  Dima - very talented bass player, who discovered his ability just week before concert, because, like it's often happen, there were nobody to play bass guitar.Knowing how rare bass players are ,we can only wish him a brilliant future.

And last, but not least -
Kirill Pokrovsky on piano, saxophone and accordion and no synthesizers, as a conscious choice . We don't have to introduce this
ex "Aria" and "Master" keyboard guru.

So what is so special about the band, who opened a heavy -metal festival and got more applause that all the rest?
They claim to be a first "acoustic punk-metal" band.
They started the performance with infamous JFK speech (the last one, before he was killed)
The have no shame.
They sing in different languages.
The "music veterans" bringing the experience, while youngsters the "bullet proved" ignorant energy.
They are definitely"postmodern", because they don't care about "styles" and mix a folk with a rock and even an avant guard.
They play on acoustic instruments so heavy, that the strings get de tuned after a few chords.
They joke, that the drummer has died during rehearsal and many trust it.
But most of all.They all live in Flanders Belgium.They all born in USSR.
THIS IS ONLY COMPLETELY RUSSIAN BAND FROM ABROAD that attracted our attention lately.

Tatjana Kulikova
Andrey Bolshakov
from Kirill Pokrovsky
for "MUSIC BOX" magazine
from russian


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