Who is stealing our future?

Who is stealing our future? Any kid (at least me and my friends) were the funs of the science- fiction. According to wonderful books of a grate si-fi writers, We must ,by the year 2000 live in a orbital stations, underwater cities,the poverty and stagnation should be gone forever, we would even conquer the Stars on an intergalactic star ships,and the best of humanity should come forward, so we finally could call ourselves "the civilized creatures". It is became very clear now,why all of this didn't happen. Technology? If all the efforts wold be directed on a positive purposes instead of the strange obsession to divide and counteract, kill and control, each other,the humans by now will be far away from old fashioned greed based exploitation of each other and our planet.
Our weapons are beautiful, just let's redesign them a bit to "create mode".
The truth is - it's simple "not - profitable" to change and evolve.It's not a secret, that it's corporations, not the governments lately try to rule the world and they do hold back many patents and technology, because, if implemented it would "threaten" their profits.(the most notorious example - the electric car by GM).Clear and simple.They are trying to keep the "Status quo" at all costs. Countries like Russia or China,or Poland and Georgia, who entered the "capitalist game" and "geopolitical strategy " in the latest stage, would you expect from this countries to be in an avant-garde of change? 

Do we need total collapse of a current system, to finally start to look for alternatives, or at least consider an alternatives?

Think about it,- we all suffer, rich and poor, "middle class" and even our financial,industrial and political elite.(They are people just like you and me , just rich and powerful :)Are they really the "winners"?
Why any positive proposition for a change discarded as "utopia" and ridiculed?
Why our futurology and science - fiction became so dark and hopeless?

So from now on, I decide to work for the Future. Future, I dreamed about,not the future imposed on me.And there are enough bright minds,I will search for them and hope for a best to come, till my last breath.

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