Money Make The World Go Round?

Money Make The World Go Round? Well, not anymore. 
The makers of http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/  think that the  monetary system of old-fashioned capitalism is slowing down the Progress and leading Humanity from crisis to crisis  .In order to survive we have to come out with another motivational strategy.

Alex Jones - the "Godfather of
all "conspiracy theories",who's footage is actually included in a film and
goes for a while completely parallel to his own speculations on New World Order, suddenly  criticises the film with grate passion, exposing his views and showing his position in unusual angle.Watch him rampaging on "Zeitgeist" all over YouTube, read the reactions - this is the hottest ideological debate of our times.

"In fact, the only true "government" that can possibly exist is the earth and its resources. From there, all possibilities can be assessed. This is why an intellectual unification of all countries is needed, for the most important information we as a species can have is a full, highly detailed assessment of what we have on this planet. Just as you would examine the land and resources of an acre of land to see what you could do or grow on it, this is what needs to happen with the planet in order to optimize what we are capable of as a species, resource wise."
"The laziness assumed to exist by the monetary system proponents (who claim it produces incentive) do not recognize this. In a true society, people would follow their natural inclinations and work to contribute to society not because they are "paid" for it, but because they have a greater awareness which recognizes that contributing to society helps them just as much as everyone else "

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