http://www.bushspeech.org/ or how powerful "flash" can be.Choose the words and make your custom speech and .D.Film Moviemaker is an incredibly easy way for you to create your own flash animated movie. You choose the characters, the background, the props, give your characters names and dialogue and then it assembles itself into a complete project complete with your name in the credits. Insert a friend's e-maill adress and you can send it off for them to ooh and ahhh over. Quite a lot of fun.

Doodlebug is a website that allows you to use your mouse to create a casual drawing. The website records all the movements of your mouse, so when your work is complete it can also be viewed as an animation where you can watch the creationg of your drawing from beginning to end. Drawings from users are then saved in a gallery for visitors to view and vote on and the website often holds doodle competitions. Even if you don't have an artistic bent, just preusing through the site's online gallery can be an amazing experience. When you stop to think that many of these works were done with a mouse (alright I'm sure many used a digital pen and Wacom tablet) it's staggeringly impressive.

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