Internet is not only for porn."Nautilus-Shanghai"

As you know, you can find amassing things among the filth or exidently by looking for filth :)Like gigantic mirror it reflex the humanity in it's best in it's worst, so don't blame the mirror!!!And it's an archive, very huge archive, http://www.archive.org/index.php so you can't run from your past:)
I had find the recordings of the band in which I was playing during my college years, in pre-
metal and pre-perestroika time.
The band was relatively famous and very "Beatlistic"by nature and in Russian and I didn't know ,
that any of tapes survived.I wrote half of music and the lyrics there and play Korg Poly 61 ,Mini Moog and of course the saxophone there;)We didn't made any photos ,because of a superstitious believe, that band often splits after the first photo session.Never the less I find one (but later without me. )

They were older and wiser - Sergey Kavagoe ("KAVA"-first set of "Time Mashine")now is citizen of Japan and Margulis plays in "Time Machine" again.
Please catch the links to the songs, while it is alive.the name of the band is "Nautilus -Shanghai"
and Russian super-star Evgeniy Margulis http://www.mashina-vremeni.com/("Time machine""Sunday") played there on the bass.

Margulis and Andrey Makarevich in Los Angeles( US tour 2004)

This are the songs. (The complete album- Soviet underground rock-n-roll in its best"NAUTILUS-SHANGHAI"1984) some of songs are completely mine,I sing (on few)and I play keyboards

and saxophone (little did I know back there that it is a Belgian invention :)












catch it please while still on line - it is very rare recordings.

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