Propulsion gravity drive

And every time we push the gaz - we support Big Oil

Look how much toys are waiting for you, you fuel thirsty bastardos :)
Zeul recommend to wait for propulsion engine, then you can easily fly over traffic jams.

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tine said...

Every time I pull the "gas", my Mitsubishi brings me wherever I want to go... Yes, it's kind of a "payed freedom" but I don't mind. I don't waste my energy on thinking how much profit others gain from this!! The minute I find that the price for this freedom is too high, I still will have my own 2 feet (or my knees!)... and that's something I ALWAYS keep in mind. Everythig has a price, but that's okay you know... , because the choice is still up to us! We go along with it, or we resist, but we will always choose what we prefer most; that's in our nature!