Frends and pets.

When the friend and colleague of mine at Larian told-"I have to go home urgently"-"Why?"-"I have to feed my cat”-, I find it rather strange, but later I realized, how important pets can be and how they become a members of the family Here is something rather important- Friend of mine -. Alan (This is his page - click here, buy the way he is amazing researcher and thinker).is going abroad this summer and have to find temporary shelter for his cat. This is the picture-

He also will provide the money for food and stuff…and he and I will be very grateful
If you can help. So write to me plz at Kirill@kirillpokrovsky.com.
can’t resist to publish here the pictures of Lynns dog, that she send to me recently. - "His name is BAS but we could have called him SABAKA (this is russian for a "dog", I suspecy the Star War's charachters name "Chewbacca" etymologycally comes from that.-)

BAS = “Barking At Salesmen” :-))) But we are lucky, he doesn’t do this."she wrote to me:)

And later I will introduce you to very rare co-existing cat – dog couple of Rick an Monik.

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Kris Taeleman said...

Cool, didn't know that chewbacca came from Russian. This is something I can use for telling friends when I'm in a pub.

Long time no see btw, we should meet up again!