"Pink Martini"?NOT !!!!!

"Pink Martini"?NOT !!!!!

"Pink Martini"?NOT !!!!!

No, she has no father-produsser from VRT or VTM , not even TMF she is not even friend with "CLOUSEAU"and as far as I know doesn't have a boyfriend from Studio Bruxells. So, will this" farmers land" with it's materialistic pessimism kill her talent and beauty, demotivate by so called"singing education" by loosers-teachers ,as it successfully did with many others, will she have to move to "make it"- is totally depend on her...

NO WAY.She is lovely girl, she is wonderful singer.God bless Belgium!!!!

It is Centre of Europe after all.

And Ghent has given the world among others - "Soulwax" "Vive La Fete" and Wim Martens and many many others in a past

(yes ,there were some Nobel price laureates from Ghent, but this one is really something - Jean Daskalid├Ęs 1922-Ghent, 3 November 1992), was a Belgian of Greek !!!!!descent who became famous for his chocolates under the name Daskalid├Ęs and Leonidas !!!!!!!!and moreover he was also a gynecologist, !!!!!!!!film director,!!!!!!! jazz musician, !!!!!!!hospital director!!!!!! and lector at the University of Ghent.)!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Yasmine ,we have some roll model in here..Sky is a limit.)

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