Me and Wim Delvoye

Celebrated Belgian artist Wim Delvoye -living legend and the most famous contemporary artist from Flanders (want to know more ?- click here) once , while being our landlord and a neighbor in Ghent-Brugge - (we visited the place presently - nothing changed,ohh dear....

once (10 year ago or so) asked me to write the sweetest piece of music ,I possibly can.....
Tina was singing.Them he used it as a soundtrack for his video installation,
..pimples of the teenage girl being squeezed and open...PRICELESS ,I almost pretty much has forgotten this event, until friend of mine send me this video, but if you find it in "you tube", where it was also posted -you will see how many people adore this thing, and, yes music too:)

Living genius he is..The girl in a bar asked him "Who are you, your face looks kinda familiar and he said -"I am the mirror",- isn't it the most brilliant description of an artist?
Once I asked him, Wim ,do you think there is a crisis in art nowadays, and he replied -
"-They were talking about crisis in art during 50s, they were talking about crisis in art during 60s,
7°s, 80s, and so on..And now we have the art of 50s, 60s,70s,80s ,90s ..-name it..In the books , in museums , in private collections, because while some talked about" crisis "others were painting and sculpturing and writing poems and books..."
Some of the stuff is "tasteless", repulsive"and "wanna be sensational?" DO NOT BLAME THE MIRROR.Wim do you know , that they show "South Park" ("click" tm) prime time, so all the kids can watch it?


More works of Wim are here-

The famous tattooed pigs.

"cloaca" (click HERE to know more) and resent "Wim doll" ,the message on the box is saying "you can tell this is not Mattel" and "Made in China , so you can't do much with it".Can be purchased in "Wim's shop" for "modest" price of 350 euro or so:)
not to mention "unsolvable" puzzle of an ass hole and other artifacts.

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