Dealing with the chaos.

Dealing with the chaos. or a random impulses, or a dirty dishes (the plates, eating utensils, and pans that are dirtied during the cooking and eating of a meal)
Schedules (list of meetings, commitments , or appointments)
And” death lines” (sick to death of something – tired of hearing about something or having to deal with it”)
The Shoe boxes.
The Bills paid in time.
Hard Drives.Folders.Back ups.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings...(...one sugar, no milk ,please)
random impulses" Activation Synthesis Theory" is a neurobiological theory of dreams
The Maps.
“To do” lists
“Tribe of Once Humans
”Sorting the garbage"
Priority set ups” ,
The Plastic bags.
The Commodes with tugs and labels.
The “Walk in” closets.
The Perfectly clean surfaces, Still
The best manager is BOB … (click on it) TM.
Trust IT…
Relax, take it easy, "click on it" TM to get my point -cut your ....lls but work hard on it.The Plasure of The Pain.
(Your pain :)
... Bless u mot.....kers..
Dr.Key Real

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