Project "Lucifer"

If it is all true, let’s find a cozy underground shelter for ourselfs and our pets.
..Unless you already received a sealed envelope and started packing.
Later this summer…Maybe in 2012….

Ok, first listen congratulations from Arthur_Clarke.Remember the books “Space Odyssey 2001”
(And film by Stanley Kubrick) and especially “Space Odyssey 2010”?
The idea of turning Jupiter or Saturn into the star and terraforming nearby moons and small planets.?
Rings the bell?
Sounds completely crazy if not the fact, that the best scientific minds nursing this idea since
Late 40s.

Nothing mesmerize me so much as his (Arthur_Clarke's) sudden involvment into "Cassini Project".
Listen carefully to what he says.

Now let’s go to NASA for answers.Click here.Notice the "Gov".logo
…And if you are into “conspiracy theories” Click here, Here , Here and if not at least enjoy the song.

Don't panic, if you are reading this, and you are on this blog, you are probably
One of house, who will be spared, if radiation levels will start to rise.Dr.Keyreal

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