Zeul is back on Earth

Zeul's info is just translated and chaotic,
because it was transmitted via non-verbal channels.
Tired? Depressed?

–Imagine a wild tiger running after you, and it is hungry…
Or sex criminal, who wants your butt and he or she is horny…
Or the death, breathing behind your back.-“One chance in this form…”

Speed up your metabolism. Rush your brain.
You don’t know your body What is capable of..
Do it, or give up the ghost trying..

Try it, you “suck” in it.. …..First steps are clumsy.
Grammar? F==k it. ….Will get better in the process.

Wake up with excitement!
Leave home – house of bad patterns and stupid habits.

Do you really need to steal, or rape and kill someone to make your juices flowing? Drugs? Too much routine?..Be creative..

There is NO TOMORROW. If you don’t do it now, when the impulse is still there,- You don’t do it at all. Hurry… There is no past neither….There is no time machine to come back and change something, At least you don’t have one. Ask Santa for Christmas.
Anyway what you gonna change in there?

If your possession possess you give it to reach.(not to poor!!!!)
Protect your possessions…What a nice feeling to sleep with numbers. Caress them. Too late mate, “monopoly” is an addictive game…Power is an ultimate aphrodisiac.

Feel free to think positive, it’s a best you can do in any situation , but fight back when they come to take you some place with 2 suitcases aloud.

Thinking positive don’t mean to walk bare naked in Central Park with the slogan “I love niggers.”

The shit, you thing going to happen to you mostly will not…Other shit happens.
Think constantly about what you actually wish for and the “nice” stuff,- there is a big chance you will eventually manifest it into physical reality.

Fall in love and don’t care for mutual response, -what the f==k you care what He or She is thinking of you. You are in love – enjoy it.

Calm down, you are already dead, what can you loose…

Enjoy the bonus track….

Do not masturbate alone, -invite friends or family as there are no other options.. Holy book specifically points to this – guilt will hunt you.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to..Under any...

No satisfaction;, no gratitude no money will be a reward.

However hard they push…

Love your boss, government and police. They are here to serve and protect you.. From yourself… Let them number, database you, insert a microchip in you butt and put a bar code on your balls (you already are).Phone number for a life. Tug every object. This way nobody and nothing will be lost again. Talk to your washing machine…

"We are the Borg."

You are collective animals -cult of strong personality is for sissies.
No one will survive alone. Cling to one another and lend a hand to each other.
Share your food , your knowledge , your house.You will only benifit from it. You misunderstood the meaning of "capitalizm".

Privasy is a lonely hell, expansive and silly.

Globalize – it is better them a war. Religion? No comment...Fell free to belive in what you are programmed to belive, but let others to do and think as they programmed...

Stop to multiply, especially if you can’t support your offspring, otherwise we will sterilize and kill more them half of you, we have many means, including …..and………and even ……… – this planet has its limits. Promote homosexuality. Adopt orphans. NO MORE NEW KIDS!!!!!!

Are you out of your mind, selfish parents?

Do not live in a places, where nothing is growing (some parts of Africa), no UNESCO can help with this, just don’t live there and stop f===ing around in AIDS high -risc- arias.

Population control my ass, just stop f===ing.
Hey brothers and sisters out there , stop it....!!!!
You and your children will parish...

"Family values?" in 21 century ?, don't be silly.

Move small, plant a tree instead.

Give your car to the rich. It's running on blood.

Where do you want to go anywhere in you high speed car or the Jip? To grocery store?

There is Internet we made for you.

Bosses, move out of offices, you butt can be anywhere to make transactions and yell on your managers. Who can yell on their "monkeys"…. Traffic jams?

Net is not only for porn.(dr keyreal - I published this clip futuring the characters from "Worl of Warcraft" singing the song from Broadway hit "Avenue Q" for fun)

”Skype”…..Sell online

Well ,“delivery” is another problem but “virtual reality guys” are working on it…

Success and money are not synonyms.

Money is good. Work for an advertisement company…

Improvise, take a song and screw it up. To high for your voice – be Leonard Cohen..
You humans are at your best, when improvising…

Study neuron networks of the brain we gave you..
Learn your patterns, Try not to change completely – people around will start to worry – they might harm you.

Read the constitution of your country, -you will be amased how wonderfull it is.
Little do you care what they think of you. They don’t..They have their own toys to play with…

“Bitter truth “ is an ultimate evil. There is not such thing as “truth” or “reality” or “normal”.
Only the power of imagination.
Learn, learn till the last train….
Bless you mothe===ers..

Every step you take…..We watch you even when you take a dump.

(unfriendly alien, but loves humans for some cool movies, books,
Obsession with anal sex, heavy metal, family values, Bach, ambient music, fast food, and unknown in known universe ignorance towards Universe around and our own body, home planet and spirituality)

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