sugary dreams are made of this.

There are some funs, who are bitterly disappointed by the luck of conspiracy theories in here .By popular demand I give you some for tonight. There is nothing better, as a nice freshly cooked conspiracy theory before a bedtime. Ask your folks to read it for you if you can’t. Good night, sweet dreams and tell them - "The people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we connect your calls, and we guard you while you sleep. Do NOT f…k with us. “Fight Club” .....and we play the piano and compose the nice music for you, cure you , Entertain you, provide with the hope trough the centuries:)PAY US.!!!!!."Dr.Key Real"

Sony “Vegas” as a montage tool. “Voices of apocalypse -choirs””Vienna symphonic construction tool” Sony “Symphonic library”. Images and voice over from different “You tube” sources, no alteration or image editing.

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