Dear sex.

Dear Sex,
For many years I have used and abused you. And I am sorry.
As I look back, I realize that I use you as a “release” - and not as a pathway to my higher self. I have made you tense, goal-oriented and external. Though I have regarded you as sacred from an intellectual standpoint, my actual practice demonstrates otherwise.
When I experience you, very rarely am I in the moment. My mind is elsewhere. I do not celebrate the universe through you.
You can connect me with my own divinity - and open me to the divinity of others. I want this to be my experience.
I will overcome the guilt, taboos or feelings of shame that are associated with you. I will laugh with you. I will dance with you. I will awaken this temporary body through you.
If only I knew how.

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tine said...

If sex could speak (and you allowed yourself to listen)…, maybe you’d hear the following words :

“There’s no need to feel guilty, or sorry or ashamed, except when it helps you to move on in the direction you really want to go (and by the way, that’s always the only purpose of any emotion you might feel!). Sex is one of the many means in life that can -and will- help you to discover who you are and what you want. It “delivers” experiences and feelings to make it easier for you to see where you stand AT THIS POINT, AT THIS MOMENT in your life and to conclude if this is exactly where you WANT TO BE or not. Once the conclusion is made, you then have the choice to decide whether it suits you or not, whether your experiences are an expression of who you are (want to be) or not.
It’s always and only about CHOICES, nothing more, nothing less. There is no wrong or right here… The only “wrong” you can do -mainly to yourself- (and that is something you will know (feel) at any given moment) is when you have decided that something is wrong for you and then STILL go on doing what you don’t want to do anymore. This will cause a conflict within you and it’s impossible to feel good (= experiencing yourself without so called “negative” thoughts and/or emotions) when there’s a war going on inside. Just realize that it is always YOU (your thoughts, your conclusions, your interpretations) and not sex, not the “outside” world, who causes that inner battle and that therefore, it is only you who can stop it!
Sex doesn’t care to be used or abused, to be played around with or to be taken for granted, to be (obsessively) “loved” or not. If it helped you to become more aware of all the possibilities (in order to be able to make a conscious, feel-good choice for yourself), if it encouraged you to make the choices that "fit" you, than it has fulfilled his purpose : to be your servant and your guide towards a life where today is a better, happier, joy fuller day then yesterday because you are more in love (aligned) with yourself!”