The Best professions.

You can not rely on good luck, and get to choose and search for new classes pragmatically. The site JobsRated came top of the two best professions in the United States. Authors take into account all main factors: working conditions, income, level of stress and strain. It turned out that in contemporary America is best to be a mathematician. In the top ten included historians and biologists, but on the twelfth place was the profession of a philosopher. Worst of all had to taxi drivers, seafarers and doctors "ambulance". Because the rating can learn a lot of curious and instructive. For example, a bank security guard (25 seats) to be nicer and cheaper than the dietitian (53 seats), while the repair of musical instruments (37 seats) is usually quieter and wealthier than the piano tuner (76 seats). Finally, the designers of clothing (87 seat) can only envy cabin attendants (78 seats).

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