Out of Africa."Zeul the Alien" is cold.

---I know it is expensive, but put your hitting on, for crying out loud!!!!
.I will spend all day in a bath.
Your species coming out of Africa (click to know more)
(precisely from Kayia) - you are the tropical beasts, (thin hands, no fur, (almost)-
even the testicals are  well outside for ventilation)
so why
the heck you moved so much to the North, 
lost the pigmentation,(very ugly), made your nose longer
(what is undoubly ugly),  forgot an ability
 to move your heaps during
 the dancing and the" love making" 
and spend your time in
 an uncomfortable houses,
you can't even  heat ?
(how much "personal space"
do you need if you at the office all the time anyway,
and your kids are at the school or in front of the computer?)
(in overage you spend half of your earnings
and time for the shelter and the heating)

Who told you,that cold, fresh air is healthy?
Cold is "asking" your body to spend tons of energy for
especially during the sleep.
and "the fresh air" - oxygen "burns" your
body sells, turns them to cancer 
and destroys it with a "free radicals".

Eat more "green",plants (vegetables and fruits
spend so much dealing
with oxygen - they have powerful "antioxidants (click to know more)

Do you know why people in polluted megalopolises and on a mountains live longer?
- Lower levels of oxygen!!!!!.

Stupid Humans!!!!

See thou in the sauna.

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