The Survival guide of a modern wizard. "The unconditional love"

Survival guide of a modern wizard

"The unconditional love" from the "Teachings of Zeul" DR.KEYREAL TM

You are being loved .


All the time

Day and night

Even if you are been very, very "naughty".

Take a deep breath - do you feel it?


Whatever you do you will not "piss us off" 

because we know who you are,

and why you are here.

"Conditional" love isn't love at all -

it's a "bazar"

"I love you, 

so shut up and do what I say!"

You, humans are really funny ,

when it comes

to a relationships.It is where you

getting confused all the time.

Since when your personal 

"well being",

your emotional conditions

should depend on others,

even the most close friends,

lovers and family?

Everyone is heaving

the very own "journey".

You don't posses each other,

you come together for the purpose of


so plezzzzzzzzz stop blaming

one another of being

"not perfect" and focus 

on your own "life - work".

(it's actually not a work, but "ok"..)

They will see how well are you doing

(shining in your own "goodness") ,

change or go away,- so what?

Nobody knows.

You can't 

explain - it is

really "Your Own 


Sorry :)

Life supposed 

to be fun.

It was your 

own wish.

But you don't 


Or you do?

and another time,

 when you will be born?

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