Philosophy of "Shit happens"

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Philosophy of "Shit happens"

Confucianism(click me): Confucius teaches: «Shit happens». 

Buddhism(click me): If shit happen  - in fact it is not really the "shit".
Hedonism(click me): There is  nothing like good shit occurred. 

Hinduism(click me): This shit has happened before and before and before. 

Mormons(click me):  If this shit even happen?. 

Scientology(click me): Dianetics will help you to see this shit more clear.

Stoicism(click me): This shit  makes me only stronger. 

Islam: If the shit happen - then it was the will of Allah.

Catholicism: Shit happened because God punished us for our sins.

Calvinism: Shit happened from what we have not enough hard 

Protestantism: Let this shit happen to anyone. Save your own shit.

Judaism: Harah ,And why is this shit just happens always to us? 

Russian Orthodox: Shit happened?  and "huy" with it .... 

Hare Krishna: "Shit-shit-happened-
"some shit happened-Hare-hare." 

Atheism: I ain't see any Supreme Shit! Where are you? ...
Existentialism: What is a "shit", in fact?

Free Masons: We planned this shit for thousands of years.

Marxism: "Das Schei├če" Shit-eaters unite!

Rastafarianism: Let's smoke this shit

Subjective solipsism: Shit - it's me! 

Objective solipsism: Shit - it's you! 

Haynlaynism: We all - shit! 

Pessimism: Shit is permanent! Shit was, shit is and sit always will be. 

 Sigmunt Freud : Shit event occurred in childhood. 

Jung: What happened is that shit represent the archetype of a Grate Mother.

Carnegie: Sure, shit already happened with me,nothing to be ashamed.
Bern: This shit even happened with my grandmother. 

Gestalt approach: What do I matter to shit this.

"Positive Thinking" Don't think about shit,don't think about shit.

"The Secret" -I attracted this shit to my life, by focusing on the shit
all the time and expecting shit to manifest

Japan: If shit happened - it must work harder and robotize it. 
USA: To make shit more comfortable, you need to invest an additional $ 1.5 
trillion. Let's add some more shit.
Russia: Shit will not happen to us,
yes it happend!!! we need to rebuild its architecture. Nanotechnology!!!!.
UPS: If shit happened, we need to enforce the gas 
China:  You didn't see what kind of shit we had before! 
Georgia: We have no asses! 
Ukraine: All the shit have to pass trough our territory.
Girls are very pretty.
Poland - We stuck again in the shit between two Superpowers.
"New European" and the Baltic states - Maybe Western shit tastes sweeter at first , but shit is still a shit.
North Korea and Iran - Let's produce some shit, so
they will start to respect us and pay to us, if we don't shit, like they do to Pakistan.
(May end up in deeper shit.)
Flanders - Shit is a good fertilizer!
Walloons - Let's put all shit together in one pail and ask our comrades from the North to deal with this.
Germany - Shit? Wunderbar !!!, - we always liked the kinky sex.
France - Shit happens to bloody Anglo-Saxons - "Merde" -happens to us.

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