Drug addicts , prostitutes and Mozart.

In Hartford, Connecticut, United States, residents of nearby homes to call in the city park the transmission of works by Mozart and Beethoven, to expel from the prostitutes and drug dealers, said on Saturday agency Associated Press. 

As the activists say, the music starts to irritate both the perpetrators and calm distorbing elements of public morality so heavy, that they are leaving the park. In addition, the music will make walking more pleasant for others, when there remove criminal elements. 

One local resident told that this idea is not new. According to her, in a park in Florida has decreased crime by 40 percent since the park began to translate the classical music via speackers . Similar experiments are conducted in some Canadian and Australian cities. 

However, as noted musicologist from the University of California, Robert Fink (in an interview with the agency, it seems that the authorities in Harford not support very desperation in the fight against crime. "Beethoven did not save you" - warned the scientist, adding that one should not perceive the great composers of the past as a disinfectant and insect repellent. 

Meanwhile, the city of Hartford has not yet endorsed a plan proposed by residents and not decided who would fund the concerts for drug addicts and prostitutes.

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Pyhä said...

I think this has been tried succesfully somewhere in Finland to keep boozing youngsters out of a amll parking lot or smth=)