Dear Iran.

 PREFASE"in 1951 Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh was elected (!!!!!!!!!!) prime minister. As prime minister, Mossadegh became enormously popular in Iran after he nationalized Iran's oil reserves. In response, Britain embargoed Iranian oil and, invited the United States to join in a plot  to depose Mossadegh, and in 1953 President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized Operation Ajax.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The operation was successful, and Mossadegh was arrested on 19 August 1953. After Operation Ajax, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's rule became increasingly autocratic. With American support, the Shah was able to rapidly modernize Iranian infrastructure, but he simultaneously crushed all forms of political opposition with his intelligence agency, SAVAKAyatollah Ruhollah Khomeini became an active critic of the Shah'sWhite Revolution and publicly denounced the government. Khomeini was arrested and imprisoned for 18 months. After his release in 1964 Khomeini publicly criticized the United States government. The Shah was persuaded to send him into exile by General Hassan Pakravan. Khomeini was sent first to Turkey, then to Iraq and finally to France. While in exile, he continued to denounce the Shah."( wikipedia)

Dear Iran, an you please stop to be a "bad guy on a block"?

Can you please do with your nuclear obsession because we hardly believe you need atomic power to light your kitchens.Ok let's be honest about it- it' all started long time ago, when Americans installed Shach. 

 It seams you have enough oil to play around.

Why not become a peaceful, full of recourses, nation like, let's say, peace-loving and gas and oil possessing Norway.

They are even not a member of EU. They are so independent, that it's actually scary.

So stop to

give all kind of reasons to "bomb the shit out of you",

Unless you are paid

by the same

Guys, who make weapons and need an excuse to do so.





Another thing, - if you want to promote your Religion, please stop hanging publically young boys for inserting their penis in a "wrong" places.


 (According to some studies (of Persian pre-fundamentalist poetry) anal sex is not so exiting “to die for”, unless it's forbidden.)… or stealing an apple on a market so to say..

Stoning people to death instead of hiring a lowyer for divorce is actually not really 21 century custom either.


Who is really “getting off” on hanging people publically, or are you so afraid of any opposition? 

Not exactly sign of strength. Do you really want someone to come to your country and teach you their vision of “democracy”, by killing and torturing your people, but this time not in name of your God, and in waste numbers… so to say?


(We understand ,– people of Europe and America performed worse atrocities in a name of “All Loving God”, but now it’s a bit “out of fashion” lately.)


 It is really bad publicity, didn't you get it?


Can you hire some really professional people to do your Public Relations

and diplomacy of an Islamic Republic (of merciful God)?


You don't like America in general (with millions of Muslims living there BTW,) or you dislike it’s foreign policy?

So become clear about it - burning American or Israeli flags is exactly what CNN and Fox news want you to do.

We don't like what happened to Iraq and we don't like, what is happening to US.

So join the positive forces of the Planet in search for common Solutions and please in a name of whatever Supreme Power you choose to believe - stop to be "pain in the ass",

or "Axis 

of evil" or "Terrorist State”. We love you; we don't want your museums to be looted, like it happened in Bagdad.

Persian and another nations living on your territory after British made it so, have a lot to be proud off.

this is the Cirus - first  in a world declaration of human rights

 So , let’s flip the coin - Third World War or good PR?


 (Hire us – we even managed an alien to be elected…Democratically.)


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