Afghan double-crosser enrages Russian tourists

Three Russian hitchhikers Nina Vershinina, Andrey Likhobabin and Dmitry Popov got acquainted in an Afghan embassy in Tajikistan and decided to “pay an amicable visit to the Central Asian state” togetherA greedy Afghan driver has spoiled the journey of three Russians crisscrossing Central Asia, RIA Novosti news agency reports.“We’ve been involved in an unpleasant story. We unambiguously came to terms with him, he understood us. What he did later was simply cheating,” said Likhobabin before adding: “It’s the principle of the matter, not the money. We aren’t homeless and we aren’t poor, we just prefer to travel this way.”

Though the tourists were almost run out of money, in the end they were obliged to pay a nominal $14 each, which they did, and not with the help of a third party either.

When the “road conflict” was settled, the travelers went on another tour, but no one can guarantee that it is the last time the adrenalin seekers will get into such a situation. When asked how the idea of hitchhiking in war-torn Afghanistan came into his mind, Likhobabin responded: “We think of such things all the time.”

LOL !!! (dr.KeyReal.)

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