"Kursk".The submorine

"Kursk".The submarine .As time goes by, it seams that the tragic accident in the Barrens see on saturday august 12 2001, during military exercise was an event much more delicate and sophisticated as we had learned before.
If the power stand - down, between Russia , USA and involvement of China could brake to III World war?
Top - secret military technologies ( namely infamous and unique Russian super-fast "Sckval" torpedoes ) and espionage intelligence on highest levels were clearly involved.
Presence of foreign intelligence forces and 2 American submarines, "shadowing" "Kursk" is revealed.
(collision or even a strike)
Were more than hungered of young man cruelly sacrificed to seal the state secrets ?
Or it's the political maturity and the responsibility of Russian president V.Putin prevented the major international crisis and instability inside of Russia ?.
If so , he deserves a grate credit for acting in this manner, despite the tragic loss of lives.
After all,- the sad heritage of "cold war" it there to blame.

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