The Crop Circle Phenomenon

The Crop Circle Phenomenon

Strange and Elaborate Geometric Shapes Around the World

Who is responsible for the creation of crop circles? Are they messages from extraterrestrials? This post takes a look at some possible explanations.

These enigmatic designs found on rural properties around the world are a constant source of puzzlement and wonder to the human race. Just what are these unusual formations meant to communicate? Are alien beings trying to tell us something? Or are they the result of natural forces? Like the debate surrounding the possible existence of extraterrestrials, the crop circle phenomenon has many questions but few answers. However, it's clear there are forces at work which we can scarcely understand.

A Long History

There is a documented case from 17th century England which tells of a farmer who refused to pay the fee demanded by the man who mowed his field. He then said "I would rather have the devil himself do the job." According to the story he got his wish. The next morning he looked out to his field and there were several circular patterns which were so exact that nothing within was left standing. Since then these peculiar designs have popped up all over the globe, especially in the United Kingdom near Stonehenge. Other countries have had their share too, including the United States and China. People are asking why they are appearing, and who or what is creating them.

There Are Many Ideas About How They Are Made

Some say it's the work of aliens. Others believe they are a sign from God. And still others have claimed to have done it by hand, but the results have been invariably sloppy and geometrically imperfect when viewed up close. One accepted theory is they are made by natural forces such as whirlwinds and tornadoes. If this idea is feasible then it stands to reason that corn stalks would be yanked out of the ground and strewn several hundred feet in all directions, but virtually no crop circle discoveries have pointed to a powerful storm as a source of creation. If you take a closer look at some crop circle images photographed from the air, you'll notice most of them are incredibly complex and intricate. It's not likely these designs could be done quickly without the aid of special tools and equipment. In fact, these strange drawings are for the most part flawless with perfect symmetry and not one stalk of corn broken, much less damaged in any way, and some witnesses have insisted they can appear almost spontaneously. One example is a sighting near Devizes, England which took place very early in the morning on August 11, 1996. The photographer recorded about 18 seconds of footage which clearly showed a crop formation appearing near Oliver's Castle.

So, the question is, excluding the obvious hoaxes, what kind of machine could produce these images in so short a time?

The Mystery Continues

Another unexplained aspect is the altered state of electromagnetism within crop circles. If you had a compass it would not point in a northerly direction inside a crop circle. Cameras and cellular phones do not work when standing inside crop circle boundaries, and radio frequencies go up and down constantly. Farm animals will avoid going near the site of a crop circle and there are reports of mechanical failures within jets and airplanes when pilots fly over them

There are many theories for their existence:

  • Whirlwind Vortex
  • Plasma Vortex
  • Earth Energies
  • Extra-Terrestrial Origin
  • Underground Archaeological
  • Chemical Applications (no longer considered)
  • Hoaxes
  • God Force
  • Military Experimentation

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Crop Circles and 2012 said...

Crop circles only appear where earth energy vortexes exist. They stopped being circles many years ago. Now they are messages that beg to be deciphered. Crop circles and UFO occurrences will increase dramatically as we get closer to 2012.