Russians say "no" to porn and "yes" to cute animals.

According to "Moscow Nights Dayly",
Russian porn industry is suffering the big crisis,
as Russian teenagers prefer computer games or making money on Stock marked online,
to looking at porn sites, even if they offered for free or with discounts for minors.

The common reply is -"There is nothing new there - just nude humans of different ages and genders in different combinations imitating act of procreation, using limited amount of skills and sometimes animals, fish and occasionally insects or other life - forms,
even the "kinkiest" porn sites cant compare to some video games on the market .
Porn is usually completely non - interactive, you even can't kill or even shoot anybody.There is no story line, no quest, no cool locations to explore, no skills you can earn, no cool effects, spells, sound and music usually "suck big time" - adds more "sophisticated" gamer Anton. "

.The single 40ty - something men are totally agree.
"Sex is boring and overrated", - says Sacha - the successful Russian businessman,
- "My 12 years old son told me, that he didn't find on the Net nothing new, that he didn't learned in children garden from his more informed friends, and I can tell you, according to his "browser history" he was quite open-minded is his research"."My younger daughter Zosja totally ignores human nudity, preferring(not sexual) pictures of cute animals and cartoons.", so what is the point?
Even "gay individuals" are complaining , that classic literature and modern art provide more excitement.
"There is nothing new humanity invented on the field of nudity and sexuality for latest 10.00 years.
Even amount of sexual - psychopaths, so widely publiside by media in percentage didn't change (0.002 %)" - complaining Mihail D.(we had to change his real name to protect identity of his friends and the cat)

12.000 of Porn Our Tube. ru employees, are complaining of trying to censor and delete thousands of extremely explicit files every hour, uploaded by nasty children from their phones and web cams , to protect the adults from exposure to "illegal" material.But young film - directors getting easily bored by such a hobby, because amount of audience willing to see questionable exploration of undeveloped human bodes is much smaller them expected,according to publicity given by media. (0.2 to 0.5 ) percent of adult victims.

Is this the end of the world as we know It?
Is "forbidden fruit", even in it's most bizarre forms, became tasteless and undesirable?

"Taboos are created with a purpose, to make the braking of them more exiting" - arguing mr.Ivan Ivanovich Zimmerman - leader of popular movement " Russia For Our People", and Human Rights activist, who insisting on increasing on denying denial of denial of freedom of censorship denial, and freedom of speech, expert denying of undeniable.
"We have to make people to laugh to old jokes again, by forbidding curtain facts of life to be openly discussed or even seen..
"This is foundation of real freedom, as we understand it."- concludes Ivan Ivanivich.

Russian Parliament responded by proposal to tight the control of "porn filth" and especially the blogs and web - sites opposed to Government policy. "If China could do it for years, why can't we?"-
said lieder of the Russian Nationalist fraction "Unity Of the Divided" - John Isaakovich Muhammad Lao-Pen.
Urgen Salamonovich Geshtapov - unemployed, went even further -"Every time the citizen see some inappropriate combination of pixels, or alphabetic symbols, he should immediately erase the file with eyes closed, disconnect his modem, format the hard drive, destroy the computer and arrest him or herself."Ivan Ivanivich agrees that describing to the authorities such an image or text will contain the crime on it's own , as citizen would be forced to describe the "filth", for other hand Association of Dependent Press proposes to publish a photo of such a citizen and inform the public of personal details of the "seeing" or "reading" offender to protect the neighbourhood from this "pervert, antisocial, Communismo -Fascistic, deviant, computer - screen- molestor- pig ".
Television producer from "Gov.Ru.TV" Fedor Uvalov encouraging the people to abandon Internet connection for good and come back to trustfully old source of entertainment and news "At least you can be content, - you will never see, what we don't want you to see!"
"But After all, the well promoted, tasteless, and exaggerated "sex - scandal" is still a best way to distract good people from more "Serious", "Real"and unpleasant matters"

. Sept2009.Dr.KeyReal

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