Even dogs are "Made in China"

Biologists revealed the concrete place, where the first dogs appeared, It is review, according to "Journal Of Molecular Biology and Evolution" : 198 Biologists established the concrete place, where approximately 16 thousand years ago appeared the first dogs. It turned out that this occurred in the territory of modern Southern China . The article of researchers appeared in the periodical Of molecular Of biology and Evolution, and its brief account gives "Science NOW". Researchers already voiced the assumption that the dogs appeared in Asia; however, the proofs assembled by them were acknowledged insufficient. Despite the fact that the usual wolves (Canis of lupus), that are considered the ancestors of dogs, they are not encountered in Africa, (many researchers considered this continent to be the native land of the "best friend of man".

Within the framework a new study scientists carried out the genetic analysis of more than 1500 dogs from Asia, Europe and Africa. In addition to this they studied about 40 wolves. As a result, they succeeded in establishing that precisely in China is encountered the large number of similar haplos-group - the groups of the combinations of genes. In addition , the scientists established that the dogs occurred from the large group of animals - probably, several hundred kinds of different spices. According to the scientists, this will be coordinated with the archaelogical findings in the region.
Approximately 10-12 thousand years ago people here passed from the hunting to the agriculture.
New work was positively perceived by specialists,however in Europe, for example, canine remains were found 'aged almost 20 thousand years, which is noticeably greater age than in theory proposed by scientists .

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