Know your heroes - "Headpfone" from Ghent.

HeadphoneIt was out of nowhere that 'Ghostwriter', the first single of the debut album of Headphone, came to our ears, only to decide it would stay there for a long time. The first thing you have to notice, while listening to 'Ghostwriter' (the album), is the obvious resemblance to Oxford's finest, Radiohead. It contains a similar mix of rock and electronica, the same urban melancholia and singer Ian Marien even sounds like Thom Yorke. The second thing you have to note, is that 'Ghostwriter' is a damn fine debut record. The lovely 'She Is Electric' is contrary and catchy at the same time, 'Girlie' is made out of nice electronica, 'Film' contains the French vocals of the whispering guest singer Julie O, while single 'Ghostwriter' is one of the best things happening in Belgian rock in quite some time.And yes, I happen to know Jan for 10 years here in Ghent, that only adds to the pleasure of listening to this fine music. Go there for more http://www.headphone-music.com/

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