Bon appetit ! The success story of the Belgian Chocolate

The Story begin with an ancestral Aztec's drink

The Aztecs known the chocolate as a bitter and spicy drink

The discovery of chocolate, the drink of the god.

Christopher Columbus discovered the chocolate in the new world at the end of the15th century. Indeed, the Aztecs drank chocolate well before everybody. It was a bitter drink based on roasted kernels seeds of cocoa blended with spices.
That drink was really appreciated by the Aztecs but it was so sacred that only the rich people could afford it. It had nothing to compare with the nowadays well-known chocolate, so much so that the conquistadores found it undrinkable.
But, as the Aztecs used also the cocoa seeds as money, they first looked at cocoa like a means to buy their gold.

The chocolate conquered the old world.

Even if the chocolate recipe was kept secret by the Spanish aristrocrates, the succes of this drink was so that it went through the european borders.
Indeed, because of sugar addition, it became a very appreciated drink by the european nobles. And even doctors thought that chocolate was able to treat diseases.
Thus each nation was going to find a particular way to accomodate chocolate and to enjoy it.

The famous Belgian Chocolate : " praline " and " ballotin ".

From the beginning of its history in Belgium, the chocolate was considered as a gift.
In 1912, the belgian confectionery created the " praline ", a filled chocolate mouthful which perfectly complied with its gift vocation. To protect the delicate nature of the " praline ", an adequate packaging has been patented under the name of " Ballotin ".
Since that time the " ballotin de pralines " became the perfect gift appreciated in all circumstances.

The Belgian Chocolate making

"While holding between your finger this half an ounce of happiness, think about the long way to obtain this mouthful of pleasure, delight of gods."

The chocolate as row material.

The chocolate is prepared from the seeds of the cocoa wich is a tree bearing large seeds pods. Most of these trees, initially discovered in America, are now growing in many equatorial countries.

After the gathering, the cocoa beans are dried by the sun and sent to the chocoalte manufacturers. In the factories, the seeds are roasted and crushed to obtain the cocoa powder. They are also squeezed to make the cocoa butter.

Then the chocolate is produced by the mixing of the above powder and butter and the addition of sugar and milk powder.

The proporton of each component will deterimine the chocolate color.

  • The black chocolate can contain up to 70% of cocoa.
  • The milk chocolate containd more milk powder.
  • The white chocolate is only made from cocoa butter, suger and milk without cocoa.

The artisans choice

The decoration is still today manufactured by hand.
The chocolate manufacturers take care to select the best cocoa as well as the finest components in order to produce the Belgian chocolate - or " praline "- filling.
Indeed, the chocolate quality is determine by the cocoa seeds choice and the components quality which give it all its characteristics (its parfume, its color, its touch, ...)
The Belgian artisan manufactures almost all the " praline " by hand, especially the decoration. And it becomes a unique articles as he gives a personal touch to all of his creations thanks to his long experience. Then, the " praline " follows the distributioon channels before taking its place amongst the finest luxe products.

The chocolate virtues

Sugar free chocolate for diabetics !

"When somebody has drunk it, he is able to travel all day without tiredness and eating."
(Diaz del Castillo, companion of Cortes)


The nutitional and energy qualities of the chocolate were very appreciated by the Spanish during the early New World colonization.
Today, it is used by the sport competitors as chocolate is an excellent energy booster thanks to its constitutes (iron, magnesium, ...)


Since the time of Aztecs & Mayas who have initiated cocoa consumption, the chocolate has always been considered as a sexual stimulant. Even the aztec emperor Moctezuma drank it to " have women access ".
The theologian Fransiscus Rauch wrote in 1624 " that beverage drank in convents inflame passions ".

The Emperor Moctezuma


In the 16th century, the Spanish aristrocatic ladies consumed chocolate everywhere even in church. Did it help them supporting the too long Masses ?
Today, we know that chocolate contains " pheryletylanine " which would have a positive action in case of nervous depression.

The chocolate for diabetics - it is sugar free !

This is a great news for diabetics : sugar-free chocolate exist !
The traditional sugar - which is a important constitute of chocolate taste - may be substitued by " maltitol ".
The " maltitol " is a sugar extracted from germinate barley and is better for the stomach and the intestines. And it has the great advantage to be harmless for diabetics (see your doctor for more information).

The best recipes

Chocolate mousse

Contents :
7 oz of black chocolate
5 oz of fresh cream
1.8 oz of butter
5 eggs
1 pinch of salt
1 oz of powder sugar

Heat the cream in a small saucepan. When it boils, pour it on the chocolate you have crushed before. Mix them until the chocolate is completly melt. While mixing, add first the butter and then yellows of the eggs one by one. Let the whole mixture cool down.
Whip the salted whites of the eggs to a froth and while whipping add progressively the sugar. Put this froth third by third into the chocolate while you are mixing.
You may serve the chocolate mousse in individual dishes covered by a piece of orange peel.
Let it cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before serving it. Bon appetit !

Chocolate truffles

Contents :
7 oz of cream
10 oz of black chocolate
1.8 oz of bitter black chocolate
3.5 of cocoa

Boil the cream before mixing it with the chocolate. Cover it and cool it in the refrigerator.
With the help of a spoon, make small balls from that preparation. Do not hesitate to round those balls inside your hands. Put them again in the refrigerator for a while.
After having melted the bitter black chocolate, you soak the truffles in it with a fork and just after that, roll it in the cocoa.
Keep the truffles in a cool area but not in the refrigerator.
Bon appetit !

The chocolate cake

Contents :
6 eggs
6 oz of sugar in fine powder
6 oz of flour
1 oz of cocoa
1,4 oz of butter

Whisp the eggs and the sugar. Add the melted butter then the flour and the cocoa. Mix it gently. Put the pastry obtained in a mold. And place it in the oven at 400 ーF (200 ーC) during 25 minutes.
Check the cooking of the cake sticking a knife into it. The cake will be ready when the knife remain clean.
Let the cake cool down and sprinkle it with cocoa as trimming.
Bon appetit !

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