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This year in october Kirill again visited his home city of Moskow. Should we call it the third rome or a new Babylon? The megapolis of 20.000.000 people amazed and inspired him by its vitality and changes that happened so quickly.As one of the foundators of Aria Kirill was invited for the celebration of this Russian megapopular metal band. Aria is still performing and attracts millions of of fans (already 3th generation). The very first 2 albums and the original Megalomania are still considered to be very unique and valued as very special.The audience of 12.000 people filled the Luzniki Stadion in Moskou and burst in applause when Kirill came on stage to perform his famous Megalomania that became throuly the Aria Anthem. The complete audience was singing along when Kirill joyfully played it on the Korg Trinity

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The bigest North American website - deducated to video games, music and another form of intertaiment and show biz - IGN.com has more than 20 million unique visitors a month, and more than 200,000 active monthly and annual subscribers. Year of 2004 "outstanding achivement in music" from Rpg vault is granted to Kirill for his score to Larian studios Beyond Divinity."Kirill Pokrovsky demonstrated his talent and sensitivity by creating a score for Beyond Divinity that may well be its defining strength. The individual tracks not only succeed in capturing and conveying a variety of moods to suit the game's range of situations, but also come together to form a unified and eminently enjoyable whole that played a critically important role in Larian's intriguing tale of a character soul forged to a Death Knight".
After the piano concert in the city hall of Melle the artist Roger Bockstaele dedicated a metal sculpture to Kirill's composition "Flight of the Eagle".
5 years already Kirill has been invited to open the probably most prestigeous Gala Ball for young people in Knokke Belgium.

Kirill participated in a multimedia project Kick for the popular children's channel Ketnet. Among other amusing things the kids can create their own songs in different styles from heavy rock to scate punk and hip-hop with music fragments composed by Kirill Pokrovsky.KetnetKick is a project from multiple services within the VRT in coöperation with game developer Larian Studios. Please visit the Ketnet website http://www.ketnetkick.be/
You can see and hear Kirill at work every first thursday eveningClick on the image to visit the Kip & Co website.
We introduce a complete set of music tracks from Divine divinity by popular demand of the fans, including all ambiant tracks too, so drag them into you play list, turn off the light, enable the visualisation of your media player and dive into the strange Gothic Spiritual World of fantasy - Divine Divinity. As one of my fans wrote this is a very powerfull experience, but be carefull with candels - secure them from starting the fire :)
Kirill attempted to Midem - international exhibition of recording industry, both pop and classic conferences in Cannes, South of France. As a part of SABAM (Belgian authors rights association) delegation and a participant of Vadim Piankovs "Baggy Publishers". Kirill strongly believes that instead of trying to control the exchange and flow of intellectual property the industry should adapt to new technologies and support them.The similar situation already happened when audio cassettes and VHS tapes were introduced. After all when big profits are not an issue anymore only real music lovers and enthousiasts will stay in industry. Artists will become more independent and responsible for there own concert carrier. Nicely edited CD-DVD with a booklet and artistic signature will be always an a desirable collectors item especially sold on the concerts. If the price of other products will be only slightly higher them the blank media - it will always sell for timesaving and quality reasons.After all even if data transfer will be somehow controlled (that is completely impossible) there are digital radio and tv channels from which music can be easily recorded, collected on HD and stored on CD or dvd, so the whole story comes not to downloading of mp3 but to introduction of recordable digital media as C.D. writers for PC that ironically were pioneered by Phillips and Sony.And finally there is big amount of people who has nothing to do with computers (unlike the teenagers to who the recording market was legally deducted) or will not spend time to copy or download and plenty of customer with somer money to spend for collector items or gifts. The industry should not try to stop the changes but adapt to it.
Kirill's music in the PC-game "BEYOND DIVINITY" (2004)Question of GGMania: The music in Divine Divinity was hands-down one of the best in RPGs. Can we expect Beyond Divinity music to be of the same quality?
Answer from Swen Vincke (Larian Studios): Yes - Kirill Pokrovsky - who won so many awards with the music for Divine Divinity - will be doing the orchestral score again.
Kirill's music in the movie "SLAV'S MARCH" (Russia 2003)Director: Natalia PiankovaActors: Galina Bokashevskaya, Marina Yakovleva, Alexander Bogdanov,Oleg Khusainov, Ilya NarodovoiTragic melodrama: When a son calls his mother in Moscow from Chechnya and says that he is doing fine, she gives up everything and goes to find him. Svetlana feels that soothing is wrong with her son Sashka, you can never cheat the heart of a mother. Meanwhile the young soldier who had escaped from the Chechen captivity was rescued by a 40-years-old woman, who couldn’t save her own child from drugs. Svetlana will do anything to hide her Sashka from this woman, someone else’s trouble and everyone who is around him. But they are not let him go, they have their own dreams. This blog will give you regular news about the Russian composer Kirill Pokrovsky