Birthday with Simone.

Charming woman (Unesco), cheerfull guests.

The girl on a left is potential miss univerce -speaks perfrct Rusian, was in Russia and asked me to sing some Russian pop songs to my complete surprise.;)


From the archives, how Kirill became Dr.Keyreal.The initiation party.

From the archives, how Kirill became Dr.Keyreal.The initiation party.


friends friends Max Mahonin

Maxim Mahonin is a core of fast growing "MaxMahoninMuliMedia" "4M4U"

company in Moscow responsible for many presentations, documentaries, short films, "life feeds", music clips and sound recordings.There clients vary from private to government structures.

He is also an excellent reportage cameraman, who can hold the focus for a long time (look at his strong hands)

He is famous for his "one camera non-stop shots" as long as 5 hours.(in style of Sokurov's "Russian Ark" filmed in Hermitage of St. Petersburg in"one take"(check the film out-it's available worldwide with subtitles - absolute delight! )

He himself was filming entire concerts of "Master" in Moscow and "Kiev" as well as "behind the scenes" moments on tour.that must appear at long awaited "MASTER XX" DVD

His real passion is underwater shots, for which he is travelling around the globe and spending

days underwater(with an aqualung) and sometimes literately risking his life for an exiting capture view of magnificently exotic but often dangerous undersea inhabitants.

mother "zwinneblomme" 2007

My dearest friends , it's became a tradition for me to participate in this "all night" marathon in one of the most prestigious student events of the year.Hope to see you there ,and this time with new songs and surprises.

Special thanks to

Gaƫtan Bourguignon

Tony Bourguignon

Anthony Ingelbrecht (praeses)

Thomas Tamsin (vice praeses)

Mathieu Deroo (Quaestor)


"stadsfeestzaal" antwerpen (city party hall)

After a huge reconstruction, following a big devastating fire few years ago-"staadsfeestzaal" is open again - we were invited to witness this remarkable event and even to play a few songs.Definitely place to see "neoclassic "building made in 1908 by architect A. Van Mechelen in the central Meir street , all filled with "plastic-jap-futuristic" design, shops, cafes and restaurants.


ask your folks if they used to be a hyppie and teach you to "meditate"

Sometimes plane beautifully,sometimes completely out of this world.There is more, where this coming from -just type "2012" on u tube search and knock your brain out(and i was thinking, that i am a waco;))

The way it is

Piano solo (nice legs too ;)

and original from Bruce Hornsby

Piano riff song award.Vanessa Carlton.

Vanessa Carlton - A thousand miles


learn melody

vodka eristoff (the best ever capitalist joke)

SILENCE!!!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!

JEFF DUNHAM - ACHMED the Dead Terrorist


memories are made of this

Life running in circles, don't deny.Every new generation, just rediscover what parents hided under the Mattress.


This "mesmerasing" clip is voted the "best" by "Court of the Courts"
BAT FOR LASHES - What's a girl to do


friends, friends, friends 2

Roma kim.

Born in Moscow, he spend most of his youth there, startet there a leginary band
"Romin Ston"(do not mix with "rolling stones", and escaped from pressure of Russian Wild Capitalism to Belgium, where he is hiding from popularity and enjoying quite parenthood with his amassing doter and girlfriend Olga (she plays harp).See his blog -



Bobby Mc Ferrin

Ric got this DVD for me.
I bet you remember Bobby Mc Ferrin for this -

I loved the show, but he really knocked me down with entire audience singing "Ave maria", where he performs Bach part and they singin melody in top of it (S.Guno )

Cooking for creative idiots n1 The green salad

I thought Will I ever finish this salad? (and I hate to throw food away), too much chewing, and it's too dry, you know.I met quite a lot of folks, who share my view.

So here is a little trick.
Add water and syrup or sugar (like they do in Mac(youknowwho)and the green stuff will "slide" down the throat nicely.
I almost drunk it :)

Bed and breakfast in Ghent.

"Allegra Nova", just 50 e, and grate atmosphere in the heart of Ghent.
Traveller, or just want to kick out with a friend -hurry, must book at advance!
Run by the same management as Zwarte Zee, by Andrei and his charming wife.

http://www.allegra-nova.be/ +32 (0) 475 96 07 47 (shower there - is a state of art:))

(site made by my admin -Rick and my song is playing on background.) - flattered;)

UNESCO wants every child in poor coutries to have a laptop.

UNESCO wants every child in poor couturiers to have a laptop.

This is just a prototype -price under 100 us dollars.Cool!!!!WiFi 4 usb ports

detales on



(I want one;)

Notice the "handle" on a side.Anytime, anwhere.No electricity?-, use your hand or ask the mom.

Splinter cell PS3

If you get lost in "Splinter Cell",(as i did :) ), just go


congratulations, old friend

Spivakov was named Artist for Peace by UNESCO “for his role in promotion of musical life and heritage throughout the world,” in the course of “his numerous educational and cultural activities that he has been involved throughout his career

frends, friends, friends 1

Andrey Bolshakov - ex Aria , ex Master - chef editor of "Music Box"(Moscow)




"FlagsOfOurFathers" http://titanspace.com/Index.html

An Interesting non-comersial experiment of Russian young video artist

"The clip has made on film - "Flags Of Our Fathers" under music of Kirill Pokrovsky, one of former participants of group " Aria " by which it did for game "Beyond Divinity". To a video series has finished 2D effects of blood, a dirt, handicaps, the hits of bullets strengthening effect of presence. "

Be nice to all boys....16 years old Putin

Girls, be nice to all boys, you never know..
16 y.o. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

And guess who????

Again Skull and Bones.;)

solton was't too bad, shame stolen;(


larian school of magic.

what happens, when the programmer suddenly is a grate photographer , with the feel for composition ,color and light.?

find it out -(my beloved colleague Kris)


The kitten
,the chapel and CEO of multimedia company.


new project

It will be cool, a bit provocative and,yes eclectic

Can't say there will be female singer from Kioto Japan and me will go wery electroniccccccc




In a times the olny way to get cool music was illegal tape copy.Every teenager had his voise screaming loud and proud "zdes' kuut metal
"Me ?As always - 20 ears later just a Cardinal in a court of king.Can be wrong somtimes...Analog we go..


from berius.-" name of the rose"

Kirill, you have enormous stream of cosmic energy, we all don't know where it's coming from.The only person,it seams ,who cant control it is you.and you suffer from it because sometimes you just feel it as a tension or anxiety.you also confused with your sexuality because this form of energy is also the channel ,that force trying to find passing your body to help you to deal with this amount of electromagnetism, to relax you and prevent emotional "explosions"Your fascination with "dark corners of human mind" and Internet curiosity is reflection of your general fear of humanity -how far they can go;)mine one thing-people who are really dangerous do not now what Internet is about:) (whatever job seaking FBI officers will tell you).real evil is performed in state of"obsession" when person with low developed brain doesn't know what he or she is doing.If we come in time we just "sedate" them. MOST OF THE PEOPLE EXCEPT SOME"ACTIVISTS" CAN UNDERSTAND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "TWISTED" FANTASY AND REAL ACTION.trust me on this one Ive heard a Lot's of confessions.SCARY stuff. -what people fantasise while they jerking off:)

the "terrible" pictures and stories circulating via networks -the same trend like "zombie" movies in the past.world is not going to collapse from that;)don't worry for girls-they are stronger, but teach young man to survive under the New Order.

We going to investigate it tonight.

very easy influenced
by media for instance
by opinion of others
east bow in front of "practical magic" masters
envy the skills of others
do not take yourself a the centre of your universe
on other hand do not underestimate the powers of other mages on there field
you can't have it all.you figure out what is your best skill and work on it until become fingers to bleed.
don't try to learn all magic skills you will be confused lost and crashed
world can be cruel-people can be very selfish and greedy don''t try to be loved by everybody. some will see you as a concurrent, some as an extra blood to suck,some will simply dislike you because you are different.
honesty is a luxury that can cost you isolation and even death, it is sweet luxury.expat challenge as a game -you are not good in it;;) afraid to loose little boy? Play more.
you learn from your victories less than from defeats.
Don't blame anybody you are NOT a VICTIM here.neither others.
You are not a god ,but sometimes he is beside you.God, holly books,religions and a Churches are different things. do not mix it speak direct if you can.

sometimes you have to protect your territory, your property, your people and yourself - so is life among the humans.Life in fear is not life.
when you will be ready we will find you.
and, yes, become a morning person-we will also send you a young monk or a few to help you to go through routine.behave with them right, you know what we mean:), but do not spoil them.PC

What is more plesant the POWER ,FAME or SEX?

Remember, for some reasons you can't have the both

Your Private life is constantly monitored


We can't just blame females for it as they get hit too.For instance HC was called "Stupid Liberal Cunt" and gosh, you have to see the episode from South Park" SouthPark 1104 The Snuke"


What is more pleasant the POWER or SEX? Discussion is open